Aegean International Trading, LLC eventually plans to expand its business to other fields of the military equipment due to our experiences in many other military product-lines and based on our tight good relations with military domains. Aegean International Trading, LLC is also dealing with many items which are currently in use in aviation and in navy besides using in landed forces. Aegean International Trading, LLC is generally active in many tradable items used by military, law enforcement, and other industries acting as “general sourcing providers”.

We are dedicated to fulfill customers’ orders with reliable defense parts and delivered then to right place at right time.

Aegean International Trading, LLC will meet your inquiries immediately with the best possible quotation based upon your purchasing budget.

The items listed –without exception – are tested and approved by the military authorities and will meet or exceed your technical limits without any complaint based on the basic principle, Zero tolerance for fault.

AEGEAN Trading LLC is mostly specialized on “track tank parts” such as (covering any kind of item utilizing in these vehicles but not limited to these vehicles) :

M 113 – M 48 A5 – M 60 – M 578 – M 109 –M110

AEGEAN Trading LLC provides everything and any part of the above tanks you may need.

You can find NSN Coded Products below;

Track Tank Parts
Airfield Lighting Equipment
Silicone Insulated Cables