About Us

Aegean International Trading, LLC
* is a provider company of military parts and equipment produced by different OEM companies around the world.
* located in Alexandria, Virginia, USA and takes its power from well-known manufacturer companies as partners in defense sector.
* has solid relations with manufacturers based on mutual beneficial cooperation since long years.
* has “exclusive representative right” for several OEM companies.
* acts on behalf of partner companies and support them on each aspects of the items traded as per contract terms.

Aegean International Trading, LLC is a company comprised of dynamic dedicated professionals dedicated to success under any situation in our severely competitive environment. Our team has over four decades of experience in the defense sector and has successfully completed and negotiated contracts all over the globe. We are partnered with many reputable industry leaders as vendors on the manufacturing side in order to ensure with utmost commitment to quality.

Aegean International Trading, LLC has complete control on all steps of the process of procurement and controls each stage of the production of the contracted items and gives required guarantees due to clients’ contractual commitments.

Aegean International Trading, LLC has complete tracking ability of the produced items as per Mil-Specs and NATO standards and provides feedback to our customers when and if needed.

Aegean International Trading, LLC central goal is to be known and accepted as a trustable prime referred sourcing provider as your partner and be the mark of quality source by the related prospective customers.