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About Us

Aegean International Trading, LLC
* is a provider company of military parts and equipment produced by different OEM companies around the world.
* located in Alexandria, Virginia, USA and takes its power from well-known manufacturer companies as partners in defense sector.
* has solid relations with manufacturers based on mutual beneficial cooperation since long years.
* has “exclusive representative right” for several OEM companies.
* acts on behalf of partner companies and support them on each aspects of the items traded as per contract terms.

Expandable Business – Beyond the Expectations

Aegean International Trading LLC is a provider company for military supplies produced by different OEM companies per MIL-SPECS and NATO standards with over 20 years experience on defense business.

Aegean International Trading LLC predominantly specializes in “armored vehicles” and battle tanks such as M 113, M 48A5, M 60, M 578, M 109, and Leopard, Airfield and Heliport Lighting projects, cable harness systems and aircraft tires. AIT has a portfolio consist of 134 different Federal Stock Codes covering thousands of different items assigned to different NSN’s.


Some of the markets mostly traded military goods and spare parts are :

Turkey, Egypt, S. Korea, Pakistan, Canada, Bangladesh, Brasil, Jordan, Greece and Iraq.