Expandable Business – Beyond the Expectations

Aegean International Trading LLC is a provider company for military supplies produced by different OEM companies per MIL-SPECS and NATO standards with over 20 years experience on defense business.

Aegean International Trading LLC predominantly specializes in “armored vehicles” and battle tanks such as M 113, M 48A5, M 60, M 578, M 109, and Leopard, Airfield and Heliport Lighting projects, cable harness systems and aircraft tires. AIT has a portfolio consist of 134 different Federal Stock Codes covering thousands of different items assigned to different NSN’s.

We focus our efforts on NATO member armies and armies using same and similar track tanks and military vehicles in general. Customer who may need any part or spare parts (hydraulic, mechanic, electrical, cabling or main assemblies, sub-assemblies or what else) for these track vehicles may send an individual inquiry for availability or you may review our stock list for availability of the items needed. This is because of; in spite of the items listed with their NSN are mostly referred as “track tank parts”, some other vehicles are also using the identical item as spare parts with the same NSN. Therefore no matter what the vehicle is, it is imperative to match the NSN in the list to inquire for availability and quotation.

Aegean International Trading, LLC is constantly thinking of our customers and will do our best to make our partnership stress free business life in their commitments arising from official contracts. We are constantly nurturing our relations with our customers to ensure loyalty to our company mark Aegean International Trading, LLC and to become the number one trustable source of military product-line.

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